Young Scientists

This week, in 2W, the boys worked on their comprehension skills during their English lessons.  They were able to answer a variety of questions and developed key skills.

The boys started a new topic during their Maths lessons, they have been working on times tables. The boys were extremely confident when working on this topic, they applied their understanding to word problems and reasoning questions.  They were able to identify the key parts of the question and used their knowledge of times tables to find the correct answers. 

During History lessons, the boys learnt about Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone. The focus during Geography lessons was to develop our understanding of maps. The boys created their own towns containing a variety of human and physical features. They designed detailed maps which included a key and further developed their spatial awareness.

The highlight of the week was our visit to the Science laboratories. Prior to our visit, the boys discussed the components required to make a simple circuit. They were able to identify the key symbols for the different parts of a complete circuit and thoroughly enjoyed building their own circuits. The boys were challenged to make five different circuits, they experimented with making their light bulbs dimmer and brighter, using different components and built a circuit with a buzzer. 

Our time in the Science laboratories, illuminated the fact that we definitely have some young scientists of the future in 2W, great work boys!


Another productive week!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their wellbeing breakfast on Monday morning, they took great pleasure in having their breakfast in the classroom and chatting with their friends. Throughout the week, the boys have been writing a story about a ‘Magic Carpet’. They discussed the structure required for story writing and explored how they could add further detail to their plans.














During History lessons, the boys have been learning about the invention of Telegraphs and Morse Code. They deciphered what different words meant in Morse Code and wrote their own sentences!  Geography saw the boys creating a map of the school. They used Google Earth to locate the main buildings in the school and looked at the surrounding areas.

For our Maths, the boys have enjoyed engaging in a ‘Mind challenge’. They had to make as many different equations as they could using three different numbers each time. The class tackled this with a methodological approach and the answers were accurate and well thought out. Our Science this week focused on identifying a complete or incomplete circuit and recognising the main components required for a complete circuit.

During our Art lessons, we created stained glass windows. The boys discussed what a stained glass window is and where they are typically found. They then cut out various shapes and selected different coloured tissue paper to cover the shapes to create their designs.

A Perfect Performance

2W delighted their audience on Wednesday with their class assembly, which focused on their work on the seaside. The boys were sensational.  They threw themselves into our class assembly with great enthusiasm and energy, delivering a perfect performance. Outstanding work boys! Class 2W all recited their lines beautifully and spoke with confidence and eloquence. The assembly finished with a song, providing the boys with an opportunity to display their musicality and this they did with real gusto!

I am extremely proud of all the boys in class 2W.

During the week, the boys learnt about the story of the Gunpowder Plot. They were set the task of writing a letter to the King, forewarning him of the planned plot. The boys thoroughly enjoyed studying this period of history and furthered their understanding of the technicalities required to write a letter. Towards the end of the week, the boys focused on proofreading and improving their letters. They took great pleasure in marking their work and adding detail to their writing.

The boys have continued their work on electricity during Science lessons. This week they focused on electrical safety and discussed how to stay safe around electricity. For our Maths lessons, we have worked on subtraction using column subtraction and have begun to complete calculations that involve borrowing.

Uncovering Hieroglyphics!

This week, in 2W, the boys have enthusiastically embraced another week of learning. During Science lessons, the boys learnt about electricity. They were able to identify objects that use mains power and objects that use a battery and discussed the importance of electrical safety.   

In Maths, the boys have continued their work on column subtraction and answering word problems. They clearly understood the concept and were able to identify the key aspects of the question and apply their understanding to solve the various problems – excellent work boys!   

 During Art lessons, the focus was on researching a new artist. The boys learnt about Henri Matisse and attempted to replicate his style. They looked at his artwork and discussed what they liked or disliked, how it made them feel and made comparisons to different artworks. They then endeavoured to create their own designs, which were fantastic and detailed, using a variety of shapes and colours.   


 A highlight of the week was our History lesson, where we learnt about early writing systems. The boys discovered that it was the Ancient Egyptians who introduced the first writing system called hieroglyphics. They explored how the Ancient Egyptians used to communicate and then tried writing their own name in hieroglyphics. Challenge yourself, to see if you can write a sentence in hieroglyphics at home!  


Well done boys for another week of hard work and success.   

Phenomenal Pumpkins!

This week, in Year 2, the boys have continued to work hard in all aspects of their learning!

The highlight of the week was dressing up for Halloween, the boys all took on the challenge and looked fantastic and very scary indeed! They also designed and decorated their pumpkins; the boys displayed their creative side and produced some phenomenal pumpkins. The boys should be proud of their magnificent work!

Wishing you all an enjoyable and restful half term.

Café 2W

This week the boys displayed their culinary skills! During the planning process, they designed a sandwich, listed the ingredients required and wrote out the instructions of how they would make their sandwich.  Once this had been completed, the boys enthusiastically embraced the challenge of making their own sandwich. Great fun was had by all! The boys then evaluated their sandwiches, they outlined the successes and explained what they would do differently next time. They also drew on their scientific knowledge to discuss which food groups each part of their sandwich would belong to and whether it was a healthy meal or not.

During our English this week, the boys wrote acrostic poems about the seaside. Challenge your son to explain what an acrostic poem is and to write one using their own name! The acrostic poems that the boys produced were fantastic, they used adjectives, verbs and a variety of punctuation to make their writing engaging.

For our Maths this week, the boys have been working on column addition and crossing over 10’s. They even had a go at answering word problems and using column addition to demonstrate their working out.

Throughout the week, we have continued our work on the seaside. Our Geography lessons have focused on comparing a British beach to a foreign beach. The boys identified human and physical features and drew conclusions as to which beach they would rather visit and why. Whilst in History, the boys looked at different sources, they ordered images chronologically and provided justifications for their answers.


Next week, our spelling test will be carried out on Thursday as we will not be in school on Friday.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

This week, the boys planned and wrote a recount of  ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic’. The focus was on identifying the key aspects of the story. At the start of their story, the boys introduced the setting and characters. They then described the problem and finished their story with a solution.

During Maths lessons, the boys moved onto completing addition calculations and have begun to work on column addition.

For their Geography this week, the boys looked at a case study of a seaside town in Blackpool, they then created an information poster to outline the main features and attractions of the location. History saw the boys exploring different sources, they compared two images, one from the past and one from the present. They also analysed two postcards from the Victorian times. During Science lessons, they have continued their work on exercise and the impact it has on the body.

A real highlight of the week was our Open Classroom; the boys thoroughly enjoyed sharing their work and explaining what they have covered thus far this term. Thank you to all who were able to attend.


Heart Health!

The boys in 2W have enjoyed another busy and productive week! In Science, the boys carried out an investigation to see how exercise impacts our heart rate. Prior to conducting this investigation, the boys made predictions and then tested these by carrying out various physical activities for a minute each. They were able to conclude that when they are active their heart rate increases and understood the importance of exercise for a healthy heart.

During English lessons, the boys used effective adjectives to write a detailed description of a character from the story ‘Wild Thing’. This understanding of adjectives was further embedded during Welly Time, when the boys used adjectives to describe natural materials that they had found in the environment. Later on, in the week, the boys wrote a persuasive piece of writing entitled ‘A day at the seaside is great’. They certainly convinced the reader of the many virtues of a day at the seaside!

Our Maths focus was on securing their understanding of place value, number bonds and exploring patterns and sequences with numbers. The boys used their Maths journals to answer word problems and explain their reasoning.

Well done boys!

Healthy Eating and Food Pyramids

The boys have had an extremely busy week. They designed their own sea creatures and then wrote a descriptive piece based on their designs. The boys focused on using adjectives and conjunctions to add detail and to extend their writing. During Maths lessons, the focus was on fluency with numbers up to one hundred and revisiting partitioning.

A real highlight of the week was our Science lesson, the boys discussed the importance of a balanced diet and analysed a food pyramid. They were able to sort foods into the different food groups and designed their own healthy plate using various materials. The plates looked fantastic, please enjoy the photograph below.

To round off the week, the boys identified human and physical features of the seaside during their Geography lesson. They also used natural materials to create seaside images during Welly Time!






Seaside Fun!

The boys have worked incredibly hard this week. They have written in great detail about the seaside and designed their own postcards based on a place that they have visited. To extend their learning further, they used an atlas to locate seaside towns and then created their own map and key.