Maths Challenge

  1. Take five coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p.

Put them in a row using these clues.

The total of the first three coins is 27p.

The total of the last three coins is 31p.

The last coin is double the value of the first coin.


  1. Take six coins: two 1p, two 2p and two 5p.

Put them in a row using these clues.

Between the two 1p coins there is one coin.

Between the two 2p coins there are two coins.

Between the two 5p coins there are three coins.

What if you take two 10p coins as well, and

between them are four coins?


Creative Writing

Writing Prompts Ideas

  • I looked down at the ground…
  • The crew began preparing the cabin for landing, I could not wait to arrive in…
  • During our flight…
  • As we flew across…
  • I looked out the window, I could see my…

Five Ws and One H

  • Who is the character?
  • Where is the character?
  • When did the event take place?
  • Why…
    • Why is the character there?
    • Why did this happen?
    • Did something cause this to happen?
  • What…
    • What is happening?
    • Can you provide more detailed information?
  • How…
    • How did the character get there?
    • How did the character get out of their situation?
    • How did this happen?
    • Can you provide more information to prove this?

Please comment with your creative writing ideas. Thank you.


World Book Day

We had great fun on World Book Day! The boys enjoyed dressing up in their pyjamas or as their favourite book character and were excited to take part in different activities throughout the day.

Year 2 were Roving Reporters and visited different year groups. They then reported back to the class about how the rest of the school were celebrating World Book Day. Later in the day, they wrote up their reports for a class newspaper. We also enjoyed ‘bedtime stories’ and a visit from a parent who is an author!

A fun and busy day!